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News coverage...

_PNAS 2013 Coverage: ScienceDaily, Podcast

_Garibaldi paper in The Guardian

_Science 2012 Paper on The Guardian

_Radio interview (City Bees) in RNE (spanish)

_GEB article explained in UAB divulga

_Current Biology commentary on our PNAS paper

_Our PNAS paper in USA TodayScience Daily & Entomoblog (spanish)

_Winfree lab research featured in Nature news

_Databasing bees at Cornell

_Digital Bee Collection Network

_Cover ilustration:

_UAB Divulga: Invasive plants Networks, & Mating systems (spanish)

_Oecologia 2008 paper in ADN & SINC news (panish) & ScienceDaily (english)

_Video Invasive plants TV3

Other things...

_I am an Asociate Editor of Journal of Ecology

_I am a F1000 afm (see my evaluations)

_AltMetrics: Impact Story

_Contributor to taxize R package

_Download my PhD Thesis